Friday, August 29, 2008

Its only been over a year

Sorry I am so slow, but I have finally figured out how to add links to the blog, as well as let people comment. Thanks for your patience, but get excited because our blog is about to get flashy, haha- though it still might take awhile.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy bodies

The week after we got back from Mexico we had to say goodbye to my parents who took a permanent vacation (haha) to Switzerland. We are so excited for them and all of the adventures they are about to embark on. We have been hustling to finish the remodeling of their home so they can sell it asap and officially become Swiss.

Alivia is walking, running, talking a million miles a minute, and calling every phone number I have in my cell phone, "hi, hi"
She's such a blast!

We are saying goodbye to summer, but hello to a wonderful fall, times are exciting. My little sister Kacie had a baby boy yesterday, Cade David, check him out on their blog,, sorry I am not gifted with scanning pics. He is a cutie.

Pool days

I can't believe school has started and are wonderful pool days are at an end. Alivia and I went to the pool and good three to four days a week this summer and will surely miss the sun.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cabo Mexico

My close friend Deighton that I love to pieces got married this last week in Cabo, Mexico and included me in her wedding. We had a blast, stayed at an amazing resort, and got a little rest for ourselves. My mom kept Alivia and although I missed her to death, loved my vacation.

We went snorkeling and played at Lover's Beach

Nice place, huh!

Beautiful wedding, and an even prettier couple

My love and I dancing the night away

Alivia in the dress we brought her home and dancing beads

Sunday, August 3, 2008

July Update

Here is a small summary of our busy July:

Chad and I leaving for my HS ten year reunion downtown, all I can say is weird

Feeding the ducks in Summerwood
In July Alivia got to try soda and ice cream for the first time, I guess we are in trouble.

The 4th of July
The flower gardens with Aunt Ariel

Lots and lots and lots of swimming
Petting zoo with Lance and Ariel
Children's Museum downtown

July was a great month, we didn't go on any trips but it sure was busy. At the beginning of the month we found out we are having a boy, and that a few more cousins are on the way- exciting! We did a lot of activities, along with a bunch of swimming and hanging out with family and friends. My mom was sick from a surgery gone wrong for a few weeks and placed in the hospital, but is now doing much better. Then we went to my high school ten year reunion, like I said werid. Things are going well and life is full of blessings, joy, and surprises. August is sure to be full of trips and events, with us leaving for a week in Mexico, two weddings, my parents moving to Switzerland, and Kacie having her baby it should be fun.