Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seth Charles Schmidgal

I can't begin to show how grateful we are for the wonderful blessings in our lives lately, and how thankful we are for another sweet baby. On Jan. 17th, Seth Charles came into the world. 6 pounds, 14oz., 19.5 inches, he is so sweet and fits right in. Chad was even allowed to deliver him, we couldn't be happier.
Now on to the next big adventure, moving to San Antonio in the next few weeks........

The kids love their new brother, always trying to help and shower him with kisses and hugs

Chad should defiantly get extra credit for this.

Ethan is really getting into watching the Steelers' games with his dad. He jumps around, waving his terrible towel, shouting at the t.v., its so cute.

The kids loved shooting off fireworks this year for New Years, in fact the next night we had to go out and buy a few more.

Christmas time