Monday, November 23, 2009

November Adventures

We got a new Nikon and I love it, now I just need to learn how to use it

Liv's pre-school feast, both of the kids loved the over-sized turkey

Uncle Tate's 17th birthday, we celebrated in style

Playing at the park

Houston Zoo

petting the goats

Birthday parties and wedding receptions

Chowing down in the back of the car on the go......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lots, Lots, lots of Pictures

This last month we have had a few adventures, I tried to get a picture or two in for each, sorry there a little out of order.

Ethan getting his first professional haircut, only cost $15

We took a trip to MD, DC, and PA last week, it was lots of fun, saw some great sights and people we love.
Went to a pumpkin patch

I ran the Marine Corps Marathon and did better than I thought 3:26, Boston here I come!

The kids have been very patient with all my running to prepare for my race, well kind of......

Halloween with Cousin Kendall and Aunt Ariel

The Schmidgal's threw me a great birthday party, here is Ethan with Aunt Megan and Pop

Us at the DC temple, beautiful

A backyard tractor pull and cookout with Gramps and Grandma Barb, it was lots of fun being on a farm, Liv loved all the animals
Chad with his childhood friend Darcy

Halloween night

Ethan has been taking steps and has gotten up to 6/7 on his own

Uncle J

Face-off with Pop

Loving with Gaga

At the Univ. Of Pittsburgh with Uncle Ned

At the Eagle Springs petting zoo


Bouncy Castles, we love them!

Spring Pumpkin patch

Downtown Houston Rose gardens