Saturday, July 14, 2012


Ethan after surgery
 We have had a great summer so far, and looking forward to Aug. with Aunt Haley coming home from her mission, a new baby boy, and Alivia starting Kindergarten.  Chad started his third year of medical school and is doing great with rotations.  Poor Ethan has had it a bit rough, in May he had his tonsils out and June he fractured his left foot, still a sweet trooper.  Alivia turned five and we partied hard at the pool.  She also had her first big dance recital and slumber party.  Seth is my joy and terror in a tiny package, that boy is everywhere, but full of hugs and kisses. 
Liv's pool party, we got a pinata

Alivia's ballet recital

Callens cousins came from Seattle and we went to Sea World

Seth can fix his own breakfast

We got rain

Sea World

Liv's 5th birthday date with just mom and dad

Dallas arboretum, beautiful

Ethan with his cast

Twin cousins in Lufkin

First sleepover with best bud Chloe

SA Zoo

We have been spending our days at the pool