Saturday, March 26, 2011



That is Liv and Ethan in the basketball arcade game, ah yeah, the only way to keep them contained

Picnics and playgrounds

Our first Spurs' game

These kids love the water

My beautiful baby

A little chilly, but they still had a blast and were soaked

Corpus Christi beach

Seth is the only child smiling in this one

Gardens downtown


We have been enjoying the warmer weather and lucky enough to have Chad home for a whole week during his spring break.

Seth went to his two month check-up this week and was 23.5 inches, 13.5 pounds, love that baby chunk.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We finally moved to San Antonio in the last few weeks, it has been good and bad. Seth turned 7 weeks yesterday and has continued our baby tradition of growing at a ridiculous rate, he has put on the chunk. I am going crazy with the gang, but doing my best.

You can see how fast he is changing, day to day......