Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SO lucky!

My other sweetheart sent me two bouquets of flowers this Febuary, I feel like the luckiest girl ever.


Bella of the Ball

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Valentine

You have to love after holiday sales, you find the cutest things!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

I was tagged by a friend and since today is Valentine's and all I thought it would be fun to do today.

answer these questions for you and your spouse/significant other)

1. Your Song: Cold Play- Kingdom Come.

2. Your favorite feature of his: I have to pick just one, hhmmm, his heart for sure is made of gold, but physically I definately go for those blue eyes and what a smile

3. His favorite feature of yours: he loves my smile- esp. my white teeth (love those Crest white strips)

4. What drives you crazy about him (not the good stuff): that he usually has to watch a tv before bed, even if it just two minutes

5. What drives him crazy about you: that I don't tell him why I am mad when I get mad- (he should know what he did, hehe)

6. Favorite trip you've taken together: We have been some interesting places, last year we went to Costa Rica- which was an adventure but atleast we were together
7. How do you picture your lives in fifty years: Living on the beach!

8. What was your last fight over: We don't really fight, I just get mad and Chad gets frustrated
9. Most romantic thing he's ever said to or done for you: Chad is good about making me feel beautiful everyday, he does little things and speaks many kind words. I appreciate the flowers and tokens, but most of all the constant love and support
10. Favorite "down time" activity: We have really gotten into tennis and basketball lately- when the weather and Alivia permits
I am so grateful for Chad, he is truely my one and only
Happy Valentines Day!!!
I will tag Shanta, Kelsey, and Crystal

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

She's Crawling!!!!!

Our New Friend DJ

We went to the hospital and saw our new friend DJ, he is such a cutie. Alivia was reliving old memories as well, (I don't think she thought it was as funny as we did).

Movie Stars

Monday, February 4, 2008

She's done

The baby that I thought was going to nurse until she was four has quit cold turkey and means business. She would freak at the sight of formula, and now she devours eight ounces in 30 seconds flat, well maybe not that fast.

Bath time baby

She's off running

The diaper comes off and those little legs start running. Last night she had her first real crawl.

Alivia's Superbowl Party

Dating- its highly recommended

We went country dancing on Sat night and it was so much fun to just be with my husband. He is a great dancer and sport, he definately sweeps me off me feet.

Alivia and Aiden

San Marcos

The last weekend in Jan. we had to take a trip to San Marcos so I could ref the lacrosse tournament the university puts on. We enjoyed great weather and friends. We even got to hang out with our new friend Brynn, she's so cute.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Play time

Alivia spends a lot of time on the floor "playing/eating" her toys. She has decided that she is done with nursing, I guess my baby is growing up.