Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, We love you

This month I have been enjoying my Valentines-the love and joy Ethan and Alivia bring me each and every day.
Ethan and Liv have been enjoying their sweets and goodies, I think it is sugar month for the two of them.

Laundry baskets the new toy of the month, both of these kids can't get enough of them.

After dinner one night

It has actually been really cold this winter, but we braved the 35 degree weather and went to the Humble Rodeo to look at the FFA animals,
Alivia loved the rabbits.

I wonder who she is learning that from?

New Haircuts, best yet from our good friend Jen

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweetie Pies

We had been busy hanging out and enjoying the little personalities we have running our house.

On Sunday we hung out and watched the Superbowl, Alivia was yelling, "go Steelers," every once in a while, I think she has been trained.

We took the kids to Sesame Street Live, although it was late they loved it

Practicing with my camera

Ethan is a true little boy, if there is a ball around he is kicking it, shooting it, throwing it

Park playing, trying to catch up on the nice weather and no bugs

Aunt Haley came to visit, we loved it!